Knowle West
Food Heroes

Who decides what’s in my fridge? has brought lots of different people together, united by a desire to improve access to healthy food. Read on to find out who’s who…

Community Group



Ann is a member of the WOW group and has frequently engaged with KWMC’s projects over the years. She is a part of regular food group meetings in Knowle West and represents an important demographic in Knowle West.



Bob is known locally for his boxing and sports career, and still likes to keep active. Besides his passion for the Paralympics, he is very much involved with local groups and activities, and is a trustee at KWMC.



Craig is a qualified carpenter by trade, but has done many things in his years. He likes learning new skills, and is involved with various groups such as Rising High community bakery and the Man Alive project.



Denise involved herself in community work through raising awareness about drug issues. She then raised money for cerebral palsy, helped with K.W.A.D.S and started speaking up about issues others can’t.



Frances is a member of the community food group and is a valuable asset to the team. Her breadth of knowledge, experience and contacts means she’s ideally placed to help Knowle West with food issues.

Nina Griffiths


Nina has been involved with Knowle West media Centre projects for many years, including the 3E Homes Energy Project. She is also married to Steve Griffiths, and so is involved with the allotments at KWHA.

Pat Chant


Pat is one half of the bread club. He runs workshops for a variety of people in bread-making, and has supplied rolls and loaves to a number of events in Knowle West.



Steve is a Knowle West gardener who works at springfield allotments, and who recently won Bristol Evening Gold Star in the environmental category, following his BBC Radio Bristol Food Hero award.



Vincent is a Knowle West resident and was involved in developing the community food survey.




June runs the Filwood Community Centre and allowed us to use the community space to run the Eat and Greet event. She’s been supportive of KWMC projects for a long time.



Mark is the founder of the Matthew Tree Project. The Matthew Tree Project organised and funded the Eat and Greet event with KWMC.



After working in a betting shop for 25 years, Mary found herself involved with anti-drugs activism. From there sprang an industrious career of activism and community help.



Michelle is a coordinator at The Matthew Tree Project who set up the Eat and Greet event in collaboration with Knowle West Media Centre.

Junior Digital Producers


Alex Cousins

Primarily Alex is a photographer and videographer but he also trained as a broadcast journalist as UWE. On top of this, he’s also a kayaking coach, motorcyclist and guitarist, and enjoys a spot of cooking at home.


Chris Callow

Chris mainly films and edits short videos about trains and model railways. He also enjoys cycling on his recumbent trike, eating pizza, certain comedy material and going to the pub with friends.


Dipo Ogunmodede

Dipo has a degree in filmmaking, specialising in post-production & workflow. He is also a newcomer to web design, and has been involved with making the website. In his spare time he enjoys exercising.


Gage Price

Gage has a passion for game design, spending a lot of his free time creating and designing games in preparation for university. Alongside this he has been refining his web design skills through his JDP role.


George Hieron

George studied Scandinavian languages & history at university, and has a passion for landscape photography. He is also a freelance translator (Swedish to English), and spends any spare time he has left playing guitar.


Kelly Bush

Kelly’s main skill set is in graphic design, specialising in brand and identity. After finishing her degree she has been involved in various exhibitions and freelances outside KWMC. She likes live music, going to talks, and British comedies.


Raddy Dimitrova

Raddy is an artist originally from Bulgaria, who user her creative knowledge to work with communities to solve issues. She is interested in the conceptual side of art but also likes designing clothes and learning craft skills.


Yasmin Thomas

Yasmin is a communications and journalism graduate from University of Gloucester & University of Plymouth. She’s a Knowle Wester and a campaigner for mental health societies in Bristol, who likes a spot of baking.

JDPs Supported By:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.21.53

Kitty Webster

Kitty is a writer and researcher with a background in alternative media and local organisations. In her spare time, she also plays accordion ceilidh band called ‘The Jeffersons’ the South West.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.22.47

Makala Cheung

Primarily Makala is a Community Engagement Manager, and is trained in multimedia journalism. She’s known as a singer/songwriter/producer, plus she does Shaolin Kung Fu and street dance.


Naomi Yates

Naomi runs the JDP programme, which means co-ordinating workshops and supporting the JDPs on the food project. She is an experienced filmmaker, an outspoken feminist, and also an amateur taxidermist.

tom h

Tom Harrison

Tom is a web developer who likes animation and infographics. He helped the JDPs make the website, and has been working with KWMC for 3 years. In his spare time he likes playing the drums and climbing.